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What is Smart 4D Analysis?

Smart 4D Analysis is a tool to classify products in 4 dimensions. The 4 dimensions are

1 ABC Total Order Values
2 XYZ Consistency of Total Order Quantities
3 abc Total No. of Orders
4 xyz Consistency of No. of Orders

On what Operating System does the Smart 4D Analysis work?

Smart4D will work on Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10 Operating system – both 32 bit and 64bit versions.

What are the Hardware and Software requirements?

  • Hardware Requirements:
    1 GHz or faster processor
    512 MB of RAM
    35 MB of available hard disk space. In general, Recommend a buffer space of at least free 200 MB in your drive
  • Software requirements:
    Dot Net Framework 4.0 or higher. Download here

Does the Smart 4D Analysis support only MS-Excel for data upload?

Smart 4D Analysis supports only Excel upload.

Is Credit Card Information required for purchase of Trail Version?

No. Credit Card information is not required for purchase of the Trail Version. After you register on the website, you can download the trail version. On the receipt of the License Key thru email, you can use the trail version.

How do I purchase the full version?

After you have tested the trail version you can make the payment for the full versions thru the website.

Can I upgrade from 2D Version to 4D Version?